Salting Your Property

Experience tells us that sprucing up your home is well worth the effort and usually has a positive impact on the price you can ask.

There are many small, inexpensive ways of making your home more appealing to the potential tenant.

The Exterior
Cast a critical eye over the entrance to make sure it says ‘Welcome’
Invest in a new doormat
Dust and wash the front door
Freshen exterior paintwork
Repair broken windows
Clean out gutters and downpipes
Dust and wash window sills
Remove cobwebs
Clean windows
Wash spouting and facias
Check exterior lights to sure they’re all operating, cobweb-free and clean
Wash the garage door, check that it operates
Ensure all outdoor areas are well presented.

Inside Your Home
Steam clean the carpets
Replace any faulty light globes
Attend to minor repairs such as dripping taps, creaking doors and sticking windows
Make sure all appliances are clean and operating efficiently
Clean bathrooms and toilets
Ensure all tiling and grouting is clean and in good condition
Clean flyscreens
Make sure curtain tracks are gliding properly – if not use silicone spraY or candle wax on them
Check that all doors open and close freely – oil them if necessary
Clean mirrors, windows, exhaust fans and range hoods
Clean air conditioning filters and fan blades

In the Garden
Mow the lawns
Trim all the edges
Turn over the soil and weed garden beds
Sweep paths and the driveway
Trim any trees and shrubs covering windows to let in maximum light
Remove oil spills from the driveway
Repair, straighten or repaint fences
Ensure your letterbox is secure and in good condition
Remove pet droppings

Sometimes all it takes is a little Salt…….